ISO 9001:2008 Certified

To understand few specialized concepts of application development and make sure the training is not monotonous you are made to participate in the activities during training.

Activities in which you have to participate during the course of training :
  • Workshop.
  • KriCloud competition.
  • Technical Article Writing.
  • Workshops will be organised where highly experienced IT professionals like testing engineers will share their work experience.
  • IT professionals will provide the tips in their specialized domain like software quality testing, web designing etc.
  • Professional's shared experiences will help you to understand industry standards in different domains of application development.
KriCloud Competition
  • After the successful completion of training you have to participate in KriCloud Competition in groups.
  • Groups will be given industrial requirements(projects) and groups will have to compelete it in due time duration.
  • Results will be announced after these projects have run live on Internet and their codes are verified.
  • The winners will get winning prize and certificates.
Technical Article Writing
  • During training you will have to write one Technical Article on the given topic in the group of two .
  • The Technical Article written by you will be posted on our blog with your name and photograph.
  • You will get reviews by technical experts on your article.