KriCloud Certification

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Becoming a KriCloud Certified Software Developer means that you are an independent software developer capable of developing and maintaining a web application.

There are two certificates which you can get after completing KriCloud Training program.
  • Training Certificate .
  • KriCloud Certificate .
Training Certificate :
  • After completing KriCloud Training you will get a Training Certificate.
  • Training Certificate will be proved that you have participated and successfully completed KriCloud Training Program.
  • Details of activities performed by you during your training will be mentioned on the Training Certificate.
KriCloud Certification :
  • After completing the KriCloud Training you will have to take KriCloud Certification exam on our center.
  • You need to get minimum of 7 points out of 10 points and then you will get certificate which will proved that you are a KriCloud Certified software developer.
  • In case you achieve below 7 points in this exam you can attempt next time as there is no limit of attempts.