Training On KriCloud

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

KriCloud is a complete technology and being trained on it you can give the best software solutions with minimum effort.

About KriCloud
  • KriCloud is a complete technology in itself that helps to achieve The Training Objective. This technology comes under the category of java cloud as services.
  • KriCloud is world's first java cloud with 23 listed features that provides complete development, support and maintenance environment for software developer to develop host and maintain their web applications as per the industry standards.
  • It is a time efficient technology which reduces the effort of software developer and helps the developer to focus more on the ideas behind the application rather than on the ways to implement their ideas.
  • KriCloud gives standard and sustainable platform to run your application with world's most efficient and demanding technologies like Java, J2EE, RIA, GWT etc.
Exciting Features Of KriCloud
  • KriCloud is the world's first java cloud which has all the features which are required to develop, host, and maintain a J2EE based web application.
  • The features include a stable framework which is memory efficient and can sustain more numbers of applications than other frameworks by using less resources.
  • The framework of KriCloud is easy to understand, much easier to implement and is not complex as are other frameworks.
  • One of the exciting feature of KriCloud is its Architecture(Kri Arch) which provides Administration for a application along with KriGwt components.
  • Those sub applications which are common in maximum number of application are customised and clubbed under single umbrella which is the architecture of KriCloud.
  • This Architecture reduces the work of developers as they only have to integrate their extra features in the Architecture.
Benefits Of Being Trained On KriCloud
  • KriCloud trained engineers are more than just being a programmer. They can develop, host, and maintain software with less effort and the best performance .
  • Your software development skills and your work will be comparable to experienced developers.
  • You will have all the resources and services through which you will be able to make fully functional web applications in very short time fulfilling all the needs of your client.
  • you always have an option of self employment as you are trained to develop and maintain software independently.

Services In KriCloud
If you are trained on KriCloud you are authorised to avail the following special services of KriCloud:
  • Live Chat for your Web based application.
  • Incident Management System.
  • Alert and Monitoring System.
  • Bug Tracking Tool.
  • Time Tracking System.
  • Java Hosting.